Project CAR and Newgate School share a unique partnership

Gillian Greenberg

For approximately 30 young adults each year, training through  Newgate School represents a path to a higher paying job and more stability for themselves and their families. Newgate School in Minneapolis offers free training to lower income students in auto...

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Working across systems for co-benefits

Erin Niehoff

Environmental Initiative’s project and program work include numerous systems—agriculture, water, air, corporate sustainability, circular economy, and more. Often, these systems are treated distinctly in our dominant culture; I know that helps me think about levers to pull to...

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An abundance mindset for 2021

Anita Urvina Davis, Darrell Gerber, Levi Brown, and Michelle Stockness

Environmental Initiative places value on an abundance mindset based on our talented team, strong partnerships, and generous sponsors. As we move into 2021, we asked four of our board members...

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C-Suite leadership on equity within sustainability

Amy Fredregill and Peter Frosch

For many, the urgency began after George Floyd’s killing. For others, May 2020 was another month in a long process of defining the relationship between racial equity and environmental sustainability. For all, a commitment to transparency...

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