Environmental Initiative is a trusted, mission-driven organization grounded in our six values. We seek talented people who are committed to creating an inclusive, just, and thriving world for all beings through unique collaborations, powerful partnerships, and in-community projects.

Our office is located in Minneapolis, Minn., and our team functions in a hybrid work environment. Living in the area is not a requirement of employment.

Each member of our team works within a co-leadership model. We foster collaboration and information-sharing across project and program focus areas. 

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Partnership Manager

This position will provide co-leadership and management of two established partnerships:

  • Clean Air Minnesota – a network of public-sector, private-sector, and community partners working together to reduce air pollution and improve public health.
  • Sustainable Growth Coalition – a business-led partnership harnessing the reach and expertise of member organizations to advance corporate sustainability through the circular economy.

The Partnership Manager will work within Clean Air Minnesota and Sustainable Growth Coalition projects and programs to provide equitable and inclusive community engagement expertise, build trusting relationships with diverse partners, and advocate for environmental justice.

The position reports to Environmental Initiative’s Partnership Development Officer.

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Internship Inquiries

We offer two internship programs: Pathways and Northside Safety NET. The Pathways internship is nine- to twelve-months long and is focused on offering employment to BIPOC, low-income, or first-generation college students who are interested in exploring the types of careers available within our nonprofit organization.

Additional internship opportunities with Environmental Initiative are available through a student’s college. Students interested in an internship are encouraged to contact Rachel Geissinger.