Clean Air Assistance Project


  • Securing funding for equipment replacements to reduce emissions. 
  • Improving the environment and health of those experiencing poor air quality. 
  • Reducing 30,000 pounds of VOC emissions annually. 


Minneapolis and Ramsey and Washington counties, Minnesota


2013 - present


Partners and funders


Many businesses use outdated equipment that causes high levels of air pollution. The Clean Air Assistance Project connects small business owners with the resources and funding they need to replace equipment and reduce their emissions.

The Clean Air Assistance Project (CAAP) provides information, technical assistance, and grants for:

  • Testing and analysis.
  • Equipment costs.
  • Installation, including contractor materials and labor.
  • Essential staff training on new equipment/processes.
  • Commissioning of new equipment.
  • Decommissioning of old equipment.

Additional resources for dry cleaning business owners

In Minnesota, owners of dry cleaning businesses are eligible for funding through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s dry cleaner cost share program and technical assistance is provided by Minnesota Technical Assistance Program.

Roering Auto Body in Saint Paul, Minn., reduces emissions

photo of paint gun and car body

It was a pleasure to be involved in the Ramsey County’s Business Pollution Prevention Program. The grant in able us to purchase new equipment for the business to help reduce pollution, VOC’s, and make it a safer work conditions for the employees.  The grant process was easy and fast to process and get approval.  I would recommend any business that need help apply for this program.

Hue Vang, owner of Maplewood Collision Center

Environmental Justice Coordinating Council partnership

Environmental Initiative is partnering with the Public Policy Project’s Environmental Justice Coordinating Council to connect communities and businesses to emission and exposure reduction resources as well as improve air quality and advance environmental justice. Cohorts of African American change-agents provide community education and business outreach for cleaner air. Learn more →

Clean Air Blogs

Minneapolis works with auto shops to clear the air

At autobody shops across Minnesota, painters adorn respirators, eye protection, coveralls, and gloves to start their day. This protective attire keeps shop employees safe from the myriad of chemicals and associated air pollution that comes from solvent-based paints used to paint or refinish cars.

The bumpy road to transformation

Black, brown, and Indigenous people suffer the most from environmental injustices. Factories, industries, and heavily trafficked roadways were built in our communities, forcing us to live with the polluted air, water, and soil that come from these hazards. It can…

Our role in Minnesota’s Climate Action Framework

The Walz Administration has released their Climate Action Framework, a vision for how Minnesota will address and prepare for climate change. Mike Harley shares examples of Environmental Initiative's commitments to collaborative action.

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Our Experts

Neighborhood businesses such as printers, dry cleaners, and auto body shops throughout the United States inadvertently pollute the communities in which they are located. Support the expansion of the Clean Air Assistance Project by talking to our experts today about connecting corporate and government financial support to local businesses to improve human health and air quality.