Sustainable Growth Coalition


  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Transitioning to a clean-energy economy.
  • Improving materials flows.
  • Protecting resources.
  • Improving water quality, quantity and access.


Minnesota-based coalition with global impact


2016 - present


ESG executives and professionals

The Sustainable Growth Coalition is uncovering business growth opportunities, driving innovation, and promoting thriving communities and regions. 

Over 20 businesses and organizations form the Sustainable Growth Coalition, a business led partnership harnessing their expertise to advance the next frontier of corporate sustainability—the circular economy, where all energy is renewable, waste is eliminated, and natural resources are protected and preserved. Individually, each organization is committed to sustainability, and recognize that together they can have a larger, societal impact on their operations, industries, environment, and community. 

A Bit More About Us

Environmental Initiative convenes and provides staff support for the Sustainable Growth Coalition. The Sustainable Growth Coalition meets quarterly and members:

  • Co-develop initiatives and projects to solve environmental challenges in business.
  • Guest blog for Environmental Initiative.
  • Sponsor and lead a Best Practices & Learning Lab series highlighting innovation.
  • Develop case studies for the Circularity Toolkit.
  • Host the Executive Network.

Steering Committee

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Being a member of the Sustainable Growth Coalition affords us a broader perspective on the latest issues and solutions of the circular economy, which allows us to accelerate becoming a truly circular company.

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Member Blog Posts

Moving towards a circular economy

The business-led Sustainable Growth Coalition, convened by Environmental Initiative, held a panel to circularity and waste. The Coalition is harnessing various expertise through collaboration to grow the circular economy, which members see as the next frontier of corporate sustainability, driving innovation, uncovering new business growth opportunities, and allowing communities to thrive.  While efforts to move towards a circular economy are underway, many companies are still in the early stages of adoption and determining how their work would fit into this model.

A new year, a new look, and a new way to explore 

Learn about the features of Environmental Initiative's new website and the new communication strategy.

Incorporating environmental, social, and governance principles into business investments

Sustainable Growth Coalition member Allianz Life hosted a panel discussion between current and former CEOs on the past, present, and future of sustainability in the financial services industry.

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Join us as a member

Leading Minnesota businesses and organizations are invited to submit a membership application for review and consideration. Additional information about the Sustainable Growth Coalition is available in the charter and executive summary.

Business Case for Collective Action

The Sustainable Growth Coalition has the opportunity to substantially and positively impact energy, materials, and water resources to ensure a thriving economy and healthy, equitable communities. Collectively we are:

  • Reducing operational and supply chain costs and risks.
  • Being ahead of and responsive to customer, consumer and investor demand.
  • Creating new business models, products and services.
  • Meeting demand from customers, investors, and employees.

The Circularity Toolkit provides guidance and real-life examples for businesses and organizations to approach solutions through a circular lens and systems change, furthering the business case for a resilient, circular economy.


Our Experts

More than ever before companies are driven to make meaningful, positive impacts to address complex environmental and social issues across the globe. Minnesota has a proud leadership history addressing these challenges, but we’ve reached a new tipping point—one that encourages us to bring our talents and expertise together to tackle issues from natural resource scarcity and risk to changing customer preferences.

Contact our experts to learn how your organization can participate in the Sustainable Growth Coalition and its Executive Network.

Participate in the Executive Network

C-Suite executives participate in a peer-to-peer network for knowledge and experience exchange at the intersection of sustainability and equity. The opportunity to develop and deepen connections between executive leaders regarding this complex issue results in thought leadership related to executive action and initiative. 

Circularity Toolkit

The case studies in the Circularity Toolkit highlight successful organizations which understand that no problem is isolated, comprehensive solutions mitigate risks, and action builds more resilient economies.

Corporate Guide to Sustainable Landscaping

Leading businesses and organizations are capturing value by turning corporate properties and potentially under-valued landscapes into productive, biologically diverse areas.

C.H Robinson: Calculating carbon emissions for sustainable supply chains

Sustainable Growth Coalition member C.H. Robinson’s recent efforts include Emissions IQ to help customers track their supply chain's transportation emissions and carbon footprint.

HealthPartners: Promoting circularity and building a business case

At HealthPartners, the secret sauce for achieving circularity is in senior leadership support, strategic partnerships, accountability, and a strong connection to its mission.