Sustainable Growth Coalition


  • Transitioning to a just, circular economy.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Protecting resources.
  • Improving sustainability resources for suppliers.
  • Incorporating environmental justice.


Minnesota-based coalition with global impact


2016 - present


ESG executives and professionals

The Sustainable Growth Coalition is uncovering business growth opportunities, driving innovation, and promoting thriving communities and regions. 

The Sustainable Growth Coalition is a multi-sector partnership of businesses with a Minnesota footprint harnessing their expertise to equitably advance the the circular economy, where all energy is renewable, waste is eliminated, and natural, social, and human resources are protected and preserved. Individually, each organization is committed to sustainability, and recognizes that together they can have a larger societal impact on their operations, industries, environment, and community. 

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A Bit More About Us

Environmental Initiative convenes and provides staff support for the Sustainable Growth Coalition. The Sustainable Growth Coalition meets quarterly and members:

  • Participate in one of two project teams:
    • Environmental justice key performance indicators: Members are working to place a quantitative value on environmental justice performance and create a consistent measurement system for businesses to use.
    • Supplier sustainability support: Members are exploring ways to assist their suppliers and other smaller businesses that are starting work on sustainability.
  • Co-develop initiatives and projects to solve environmental challenges in business.
  • Participate in incubation conversations to connect with fellow members and create work that moves beyond the Coalition.
  • Lead best practices Learning Labs highlighting sustainability successes and barriers.

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Steering Committee

2023 Meeting Photos

A group of SGC members smile for a photo in the snow at St. Anthony Falls Lab in early March of 2023.

Coalition members, led by Petrina Rhines of Birch Group, examine the exterior of Pillsbury Castle during a deconstruction tour in September 2023.

SGC members talk freely during a picnic at the Environmental Initiative office in August 2023.

Sustainable Growth Coalition Members

Logo for Tennant Company

Being a member of the Sustainable Growth Coalition affords us a broader perspective on the latest issues and solutions of the circular economy, which allows us to accelerate becoming a truly circular company.

Tennant Company

Join us as a member

Leading Minnesota businesses and organizations are invited to submit a membership application for review and consideration. Additional information about the Sustainable Growth Coalition is available in the charter and executive summary.

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Incubating corporate innovation in 2022 and beyond

The Sustainable Growth Coalition shares what they accomplished in 2022 and what they have planned for 2023.

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Project Contacts

More than ever before companies are driven to make meaningful, positive impacts to address complex environmental and social issues across the globe.

Contact our team members to learn how your organization can participate in the Sustainable Growth Coalition.