Environmental Justice Coordinating Council


Minneapolis and Saint Paul


2017 - present


Created by Public Policy Project, the Environmental Justice Coordinating Council (EJCC) is an entirely black and brown leadership base of environmental and social justice agents of change, working cooperatively to understand and address environmental justice overburden in their communities. The work is grounded in the belief that those most affected by systemic injustice have the greatest reason to invest in generating alternative outcomes.

Environmental Initiative is partnering with EJCC to:

  • Improve community air quality and advance environmental justice.
  • Connect local businesses to emission reduction resources.
  • Provide air quality and public health information to communities in North Minneapolis and on the East Side of Saint Paul.

We collaborate to conduct outreach, raise awareness, leverage funds, and implement projects to benefit those living in areas disproportionately impacted by air pollution and other environmental injustices.

EJCC's Vision

The vision of EJCC is to eradicate environmental and economic injustices in Minnesota and beyond. EJCC visualizes, creates, and implements ecological, economic, and strategic investments to end environmental racism.

EJCC believes “all issues are environmental issues, and all environmental issues are ours.”

EJCC Members

The Environmental Justice Coordinating Council (EJCC) is a black and brown leadership base of environmental and social justice change-agents working cooperatively to understand and address environmental justice overburden in their communities. Current members:

  • Sina Black
  • Monies Franco
  • Aida Hickman
  • Kartumu King
  • Delora Lothenbach
  • Jayda Pounds
  • Kennedy Pounds
  • Damone Presley
  • Hillary Thomas
  • Wendell Ward
  • Pearll Warren
Photo of James Trice

The partnership between Environmental Initiative and EJCC is fulfillment of a vision I had when EJCC was created in 2017. I believe authentic partnerships between larger, well-resourced organizations and companies with black and brown communities which are underfunded and under resourced is critical to the success of black and brown communities to address the multiplicity of issues our communities face. Environmental Initiative has shown their willingness to sacrifice important relationships they’ve had for years to engage in this partnership.

– James Trice, CEO Public Policy Project

Recent accomplishments

The Environmental Justice Coordinating Council harnesses the perspectives of black and brown residents and stakeholders to reduce the environmental justice burden in communities disproportionately impacted by pollution and other environmental hazards. EJCC cohorts have:

Led development of a resolution establishing the Northside Green Zone Task Force in the City of Minneapolis.
Catalyzed new models of redevelopment for the riverfront at Upper Harbor Terminal in North Minneapolis.
Established the Environmental Justice Partnership, which connects mainstream environmental nonprofits with environmental justice communities.
Helped establish the Northern Metals Advisory Council (now the Northern Metals Settlement Board).

EJCC Contacts

Partnership manager Tonya Draughn works with Public Policy Project CEO James Trice to coordinate with EJCC cohort members to share ideas and resources for air pollution reduction in communities.

Contact Tonya to learn more about Environmental Initiative’s partnership with EJCC.

James Trice

James Trice

Founder & CEO, Public Policy Project he/him Cell: (612) 702-9769

Support EJCC

If you are interested in fostering collaborative power within and across communities of color and within organizations that work in communities of color, consider financially supporting the Environmental Justice Coordinating Council. Contact James Trice with questions or to learn more.

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