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Central Minnesota


2018 - present


Farmers, watershed districts


Headwaters Agriculture Sustainability Partnership solutions benefit the environment, economic viability of farmers, and vitality of rural communities. This partnership serves both agricultural and environmental communities as a forum where innovative ideas can be considered, supported, accelerated, and implemented with the partnership’s diverse experience, skills, and networks.

Three partner-led projects are underway.

  • All Acres for Our Water brings together public and private technical expertise, agronomic intelligence, and financial resources to enhance and restore natural resources in Minnesota. The team led a farmer outreach campaign in 2021. In 2020, the program released a series of information videos on conservation practices, connected with regional agriculture retailers, and surveyed landowners on the barriers to conservation practice adoption.
  • The Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) Pilot project will test the protocols and data processes of ESMC, a program to provide financial incentives to encourage farmers to implement practices that improve soil health, store carbon in soils, and reduce nutrient runoff.
  • Eleven farmers are participating in the Return on Investment Case Study project in Stearns County, Minn. A 2019-2020 data report is now available. The project analyzes the relationship between on-farm conservation and finances on row crop and integrated dairy operations. Farmers are also engaged in peer-to-peer education. Select farm operations are highlighted in Tools & Guides.

Steering Committee

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On-farm Experts

Our Experts

Contact us to support and expand farmer-led, innovative, and quantifiable solutions designed to improve water quality, soil health, and natural habitat.

Ariel Kagan

Ariel Kagan

Director, Agriculture Strategy she/her Office: 612-334-3388 ext. 8112

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Member of the Month: Midwest Dairy

June member of the month Midwest Dairy is dedicated to sustainability in the dairy industry.

Markets needed to support on-farm conservation efforts

Attendees ventured to St. Cloud, Minn. for the Headwater’s Agriculture Sustainability Partnership’s (HASP) Profit Through Conservation forum to discuss ways to financially support farmers implementing conservation practices. A key barrier to adopting these practices – which can improve water quality, soil health, and sequester carbon in the ground – is a clear economic incentive for farmers. 

Leadership in the Headwaters Agriculture Sustainability Partnership

A different kind of farming is growing in Central Minnesota, thanks to the work of leaders from agriculture, conservation, finance, engineering, and research involved in the Headwaters Agriculture Sustainability Partnership (HASP). Formed, in 2018 as a way to incubate…

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Return on Investment Case Studies

Eleven farmers with row crop or integrated dairy operations are participating in a multi-year project which analyzes the relationship between on-farm conservation and finances over time.

HASP Return on Investment project

Three of eleven farmers with integrated dairy operations are highlighted in this report about a multi-year project which analyzes the relationship between on-farm conservation and finances..

Schlangen Family Farm: HASP Return on Investment

Steve Schlangen believes that farming is about being open-minded and finding continuous improvement. Explore the ways he has found sustainable practices that increase his farm's productivity and profits.

Kerfeld Hill-View Farm: HASP Return on Investment

Technology and best practices are constantly changing. Learn how Tim Kerfeld is keeping up with the changes to leave a healthier farm for the next generation of his family.

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