• Community outreach and engagement.
  • Public policy.

I became actively involved in my community after taking civic engagement and leadership classes offered by a local Neighborhood Development Corporation. Energized, I then participated in training on ways to affect public policy from the Public Policy Project led by James Trice. After learning how to navigate the governing systems that people in underserved communities are forced to deal with, I now facilitate trainings in my community. These trainings focus on public policy, democratic processes, and navigating through systems, increasing leadership, and building social capital in underserved communities.

I have prior work experience with managing coalitions and am excited to apply that to my new role. In my role as coordinator for Art of Food in the Frogtown and Rondo communities of Saint Paul, Minnesota, I began learning about food security and land justice which often intersect with issues of environmental justice.

I’m excited to learn more about the intersection of justice and the environment as well as the projects being led by Environmental Initiative designed to address environmental concerns, especially those in communities of color and communities most-impacted by environmental decisions.

I am driven to create pathways for others to gain knowledge and take action on issues that concern our community. I believe this is my legacy: Helping people find their voice and the path to leave their own impact.