Attend the 2020 Legislative Preview: 1/30/2020

Join Environmental Initiative for our 19th annual Legislative Preview to hear from bipartisan legislative leaders about their environmental priorities for the 2020 legislative session. Legislators will speak to a wide range of environmental topics, including access to benefits from natural resources, land use decisions, public health, rural vitality, and green jobs, as well as how they plan to engage stakeholders in decision making.

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Powerful Partnerships, Effective Solutions

We build partnerships to develop collaborative solutions to Minnesota’s environmental problems.

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Jessie Shmool speaking at a podium behind a dirty street sweeper, and Bill Droessler standing nearby

"As a person who breathes..." 10 fleet vehicles make a difference

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Corporate Guide to Sustainable Landscaping

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Building the partnerships needed to address complex environmental problems is our priority and our mission. Learn more about a few of the issues we’re working on below.  ALL WORK »

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