Sustainable Growth Coalition

Our role in Minnesota’s Climate Action Framework

The Walz Administration has released their Climate Action Framework, a vision for how Minnesota will address and prepare for climate change. Mike Harley shares examples of Environmental Initiative's commitments to collaborative action.

Moving towards a circular economy

The business-led Sustainable Growth Coalition, convened by Environmental Initiative, held a panel to circularity and waste. The Coalition is harnessing various expertise through collaboration to grow the circular economy, which members see as the next frontier of corporate sustainability, driving innovation, uncovering new business growth opportunities, and allowing communities to thrive.  While efforts to move towards a circular economy are underway, many companies are still in the early stages of adoption and determining how their work would fit into this model.

A new year, a new look, and a new way to explore 

Learn about the features of Environmental Initiative's new website and the new communication strategy.

Incorporating environmental, social, and governance principles into business investments

Sustainable Growth Coalition member Allianz Life hosted a panel discussion between current and former CEOs on the past, present, and future of sustainability in the financial services industry.

Allianz Life: A local leader shares insights for global impact

The Sustainable Growth Coalition Best Practices & Learning Lab series event hosted by member organization Allianz Life offered great insights to other members who are not part of the financial services industry. Founded in 1896 and headquartered in…

Corporate leadership in community building for equity and sustainability

In December 2020, the Sustainable Growth Coalition convened a cross-functional group of C-suite leaders to explore the relationship between equity and sustainability from local and global perspectives. Themes on this complex set of relationships emerged including: Organizations are expected to…

C.H. Robinson creates links in the chain of progress

C.H. Robinson started the year with incredible news – not only had we reached the halfway point to our goal to reducing carbon intensity 40% by 2025, but we had achieved this milestone earlier than anticipated. Strong progress such as…

Xcel Energy focused on essential change

For many of us, this past year made laser clear what we value most, and perhaps, what needs to change. That’s also true for organizations like Xcel Energy. We operate in an industry already undergoing significant transformation, driven by technology…

Allianz Life survey shows sustainable investing is here to stay

At Allianz Life, we recognize that as an insurer and investor, we have a unique opportunity to bring about change on a local scale in the Twin Cities as well as on an international scale. We accomplish this through a…

Sustainable Growth Coalition gets creative on problem solving, priorities

Sustainable Growth Coalition members convened for their spring meeting late last month. We talked about focus and transitions including staff changes, what matters most to our members, reimagining how we work together, and leveraging our resources to make the biggest…