C.H. Robinson creates links in the chain of progress

C.H. Robinson started the year with incredible news – not only had we reached the halfway point to our goal to reducing carbon intensity 40% by 2025, but we had achieved this milestone earlier than anticipated. Strong progress such as this can only be accomplished with critical commitments to sustainability, partnerships to expedite capacity building, and the solutions we can put in the hands of our partners, customers and carriers. With nearly 200,000 customers and contract carriers worldwide, we stand to make a significant impact on sustainability across the transportation industry.


Technology is critical in order to achieve climate goals. In fact, the number of companies making commitments to shift to 100% renewable energy has doubled since 2017, which shows that the stakes are too high for complex projects not to succeed. The gap between sustainability goals and sufficient renewable energy to meet those goals must have a viable supply chain. With this in mind, C.H. Robinson developed specialty expertise helping wind, solar and other renewable energy companies build and execute logistics so they can create clean power for the world.


When it comes to emissions reporting, even companies committed to sustainability struggle to capture emissions across complex, global, multi-faceted supply chains. Sharing technology and data allows companies to set and achieve their sustainability goals through increased visibility. This year, the company launched Emissions IQ, a free reporting and benchmarking platform for customers that helps calculate the emissions associated with their shipments. It will be the first free, self-serve tool to instantly show a company’s carbon emissions across all forms of transportation globally. By putting useful technology and data at their fingertips, Emissions IQ not only increases the transparency of emissions in our industry but identifies the opportunities for customers to make meaningful carbon reductions in their supply chain.

screen shot of emissions iq dashboard


As a mover of the world’s economy, we know a more efficient supply chain is a more sustainable one. According to the EPA, an organization’s supply chain often accounts for more than 75 percent of its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In 2021, C.H. Robinson and world-renowned data analytics company SAS announced a partnership to enhance real-time visibility through digital integration. This innovative approach allows for scheduling and carriers to respond to fluctuations, like changing consumer demand for goods or inclement weather on chosen routes, to eliminated wasted time or miles. Deeper data analytics through this partnership enables customers to reach the highest levels of supply chain efficiency, avoid disruptions and increasing flexibility.


C.H. Robinson believes we can achieve new milestones in sustainability through partnerships and proudly demonstrate our commitment through the following engagements:

  • Sustainable Growth CoalitionSignificant change is accomplished through unified effort and influence. As a member of the Sustainable Growth Coalition, we are finding ways to innovate for the toughest challenges facing sustainability. For example, the group’s focus on energy and economic growth will help drive solutions to lift the barriers to knowledge and access, while also building partnerships along the way.
  • MIT CTL: C.H. Robinson collaborated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation and Logistics (MIT-CTL) to develop new research that supports more accurate less than truckload (LTL) emission calculations.
  • U.S. EPA SmartWay: We’ve been a proud member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program since 2005, a public-private partnership working together to improve the environmental sustainability of freight shipping.

To learn more about sustainability at C.H. Robinson, visit: https://www.chrobinson.com/en-us/about-us/corporate-responsibility.

About C.H. Robinson

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