Midwest Row Crop Collaborative conducts campaign to normalize regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is gaining momentum as row crop producers express increasing interest in the benefits of more resilient farming systems and more companies invest in strategies to meet environmental goals and support robust agricultural systems. Responding to this need, and with funding from the Walmart Foundation, Midwest Row Crop Collaborative (MRCC) members are embarking on a targeted media campaign to help increase acceptance of regenerative agriculture within farming communities.

Markets needed to support on-farm conservation efforts

Attendees ventured to St. Cloud, Minn. for the Headwater’s Agriculture Sustainability Partnership’s (HASP) Profit Through Conservation forum to discuss ways to financially support farmers implementing conservation practices. A key barrier to adopting these practices – which can improve water quality, soil health, and sequester carbon in the ground – is a clear economic incentive for farmers. 

The role of food and agriculture in systems change

The food and agriculture system has an important role in addressing the current crises of climate change, public health, social and racial justice, and a fragile democracy. Through relationships, partnerships, and systems thinking, change is possible. From farmers to corporate executives, each has a role in transforming how the world is fed and mitigating climate change through regenerative agricultural practices.

New year, new beginnings

Meet Ariel Kagan, our new director of agriculture strategy, and learn about her role in shaping Environmental Initiative's agriculture program.

Winding down 2021 with our five most-read posts

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Leadership in the Headwaters Agriculture Sustainability Partnership

A different kind of farming is growing in Central Minnesota, thanks to the work of leaders from agriculture, conservation, finance, engineering, and research involved in the Headwaters Agriculture Sustainability Partnership (HASP). Formed, in 2018 as a way to incubate…

Catalyzing a shift in sourcing food for hunger relief organizations

Catching up with Nikki Warner from The Good Acre was a lot of fun and filled me with hope. I am inspired by creative community leaders who are able to pivot quickly when funding and needs shift while keeping true…

Dreaming and being thankful with Hope Flanagan

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Code red for humanity: Our response

The headlines on Monday, Aug. 9 were terrifying: “Code red for humanity,” “Global climate crisis: inevitable, unprecedented and unavoidable,” and “Wake up to red alert on climate crisis.” We have been battered since early 2020 with a seemingly relentless stream…

For immediate release: Report trends show financial and environmental success for dairy farmers

Three Stearns County dairy farmers enroll in a project to measure the financial cost or benefit of conservation practices (Stearns County, Minn.) — Three Stearns County dairy farmers have experienced improved environmental impacts and lower financial costs while implementing conservation…