Gillian Greenberg

I enjoy thinking strategically about how to piece together different projects and different partners to create meaningful action.

The primary experience that led me to a career in the sustainability sector occurred while I was in college, studying and working in Bolivia as an intern with a municipal government. During community workshops, I listened as residents described how climate change was impacting their lives and their need for governmental action. Hearing residents’ responses motivated me to return to the United States and work to create more sustainable and equitable communities in my home country.

After graduation, I worked as a sustainability specialist for the Town of Truckee, California. One of the projects I enjoyed the most was collaborating with a task force of community leaders to develop a community climate adaptation plan. Climate adaptation is one of many cross-cutting societal issues that must be addressed through a collaborative approach. The joy I found in this work led me to seek additional opportunities to work at the intersection of relationship and action.

I believe the hardest environmental challenges we face in the United States must be solved with a collaborative approach. EI embraces the complexity of problems facing our communities and creates partnerships that match the scale of the problem.

Gillian Greenberg
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