• Process and systems improvement and development.
  • Goal identification.
  • Creative problem solving.
  • Financial management.
  • Performing arts and creative writing.


I’ve always worked in the nonprofit arena and find a lot of satisfaction in being part of a mission-driven organization. Also, since moving to Minneapolis after college, my appreciation for the outdoors has grown tremendously, and I’ve come to cherish our natural world. I was drawn to working for Environmental Initiative because of the breadth of the work, not focusing solely on air or water or sustainability (in all its ways), but because they worked on it all, in a strategy to meet the larger challenge.  

I was raised in a culture in which caring for the well-being of others was not only encouraged it was expected. I also spent many years at a health-based nonprofit focused on a cure, treatments, and support. It was there that I witnessed how inequities in our society led to inequities in opportunities and assistance. When I came here to Environmental Initiative, I was excited to join a group that focused on saving and preserving our natural resources, and being able to also apply a lens of equity within our society to the environmental challenges and solutions is very exciting.  

The thing I like most about my job is solving the challenges that lie in our way of progress, by finding efficient and effective processes that support our projects and programs. And, of course, checking things off lists – I find there’s a great amount of satisfaction in marking something as done!  

I hope that the work I do here will be felt by my coworkers as having made a positive difference, an impact large or small, that moved us all toward our goals.