• Youth engagement.
  • Asking big questions.
  • Building a constellation of relationships.
  • Program design.

I am drawn to Environmental Initiative’s work because I am a firm believer that relationships are the only way we will make progress towards a more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible future. I thrive in collaborative environments where ideas are shared and challenged in pursuit of a common goal and grounded in common values.

Working as a youth mentor at Growing North solidified my commitment to working at the intersection of relationships and action to create an equitable future within thriving ecosystems. Urban gardening was the medium used to explore the environment and justice and build relationships.

Joining Environmental Initiative to coordinate Northside Safety N.E.T. allows me to continue building relationships with many of the partner organizations, including Youthprise, Growing North Minneapolis, and Hennepin County, that I have worked with in past experiences. It also gives me the opportunity to be inspired by young people disrupting systems of power and inequity.

I am inspired every morning when I sit down to meditate and see the light filter through my window; the prospect of a new day gets me energized. Running is also a part of my daily routine; having time to connect with my body and spend time outside brings me joy.

I want to be known as someone who aligns their values with their actions every day. I want to be known as someone who asks hard questions and brings people together to rumble in the answers to co-create solutions.