Northside Safety NET brings on new interns

A group of adults and teenagers paddling a canoe down the Mississippi River.

Environmental Initiative welcomed a new cohort of Northside Safety NET interns this fall. Five members of the original cohort of interns, Micah, Paris, Chairish, Evette, and Greg, have entered stage 3 of the program and are working with staff to mentor eight incoming stage 1 interns.

Each intern took time to sit down and think about what they want to share in this stage of their journey. Read their bios below to learn more about our current group of interns. If you are interested in supporting Northside Safety NET, please contact Sacha Seymour-Anderson.

Stage 3

Micah Beasley

I enjoy getting to meet new people, learn new things, and have fun with Northside Safety NET.  I grew up in North Minneapolis and I bring my positivity and knowledge of the area to the group when we meet. I like to talk about new ideas and projects with my peers, and I am excited to bring my experience and leadership skills from this program to community college when I graduate and pursue a career as a firefighter or marine biologist.

Paris Beasley 

I love being outside in nature and learning new things. Northside Safety NET has given me the opportunity to learn so much about our environment, and I am proud to share the knowledge I’ve gained with my peers. I want to find more ways to teach others about the environment, create a life that is closer to nature, and continue to learn about the world around us in the future.

Chairish Byas

I joined Northside Safety NET for the opportunity to work with the environment. I am a quiet and reserved spirit, and it is important to me to feel connected to nature as I develop as a person. I saw environmental injustices growing up and I want to help make things better in my community so that we can all connect with nature. I find joy in working with a program focused on youth and the environment, and I bring my good vibes and intelligence to the group whenever we meet.

Evette Eaton

I joined Northside Safety NET for the opportunity to explore the environment and future job opportunities. I really enjoy learning about the environment and find satisfaction in planning something and seeing it through from beginning to end. I am inspired by my mom who gives me support to do things she couldn’t, and I want to take what I am learning through Northside Safety NET and use it to find ways to improve the environment in my future career.

Gregory Wheeler

I am happiest when I am out exploring the world, often on my bike. I joined Northside Safety NET because of my love for the outdoors, and I have learned so much about having a positive mindset and working with different groups and communities while exploring green careers with my peers. I hope to bring these skills not only into my future career, but with me on my journey as I study abroad in college.

Stage 1

Cyrus Beasley

I became involved in Northside Safety NET because of my interest in helping not only the environment, but my community. I am happiest when I am exploring the environment around me and playing with my friends. My current goals are to learn new things and make new friends, and I am proud of myself for getting involved and talking to new people. I want to be remembered as a nice and loving friend who is always open to play and unite!

Nasier Ellis 

I am happiest coming to Northside Safety NET programming to see my friends and talk about the community and what it takes to be a leader. I hope to take the skills I learn in this program with me through high school and into college. I want to be remembered as a kind, good leader who always tries to help his community.

Ra’Shad Bowen King

My mom inspired me to join Northside Safety NET by sharing the ways I could learn about the environment and help the community. I enjoy getting to share my thoughts for my community and working with my peers on issues that directly affect us. My current goal is to graduate high school and make my mom proud.

Luigi Little

I learned about Northside Safety NET through my friends and mentors at Urban Agriculture Initiative where I have been volunteering for three years. I’ve always enjoyed nature and loved learning about how plants grow and getting the opportunity to get my hands dirty. I am excited to continue learning more about my environment through Northside Safety NET. I’m glad to be a part of a group that is so welcoming and supportive.

Aiyana Morrow 

I became interested in Northside Safety NET because I enjoy learning about things that are happening in the city around me, as well as what happened in the past to get us to where we are today. I am a very determined person, and I am proud of myself for making honor roll and passing advanced classes. I hope to attend medical school after I graduate and take the skills I learn from my experience in this program with me.

Jasmine Morrow 

I want to be remembered as someone who is determined, empathetic, and open-minded. It is important to me to be resilient and stay true to what I believe, even if others try to shake my moral foundation. I am proud of my family for how far we have come in the face of hardship, and I want to learn, grow, and be successful to make them proud.

Avis Wheeler 

I am happiest when I am having new experiences and using my creativity as a skill. I find that being open to learning new things creates more opportunities, so when my brother suggested that I join Northside Safety NET to connect more with nature, I jumped at the chance. I want to take what I learn in this program and use it to give back to my community and help me in my future career.

Helena Wheeler

I am passionate about helping and teaching others and am excited to learn new skills that will help me grow as a mentor through Northside Safety NET. I already have some experience teaching. My hobby is making t-shirts, and I have taught friends and peers how to design and make their own. My goal for the next few years is to find a way to educate people about current events and how they can get involved. I hope that learning about environmental justice with Northside Safety NET will help me reach that goal.