For immediate release: Dairy farmers share early financial and environmental successes

Three Stearns County dairy farmers enroll in a project to measure the financial cost or benefit of new conservation practices (Stearns County, Minn.) — Three Stearns County dairy farmers are featured in a new video about farm conservation and finances.

Working across systems for co-benefits

Environmental Initiative’s project and program work include numerous systems—agriculture, water, air, corporate sustainability, circular economy, and more. Often, these systems are treated distinctly in our dominant culture; I know that helps me think about levers to pull to create change without becoming overwhelmed. However, as I—and we as a society—get better at…

Sustainable Growth Coalition: 2020 – a year of successes

As I reflect on 2020, I felt incredibly grateful for being able to work on issues core to making the world better for people and our well-being. I am fortunate to think about circularity, climate and sustainability daily and how…