Summer reflections: Infrastructure maintenance

Upper left interns with stormwater stencil, lower left clogged stormwater drain, and intern spraying stormwater stencil on right hand side of the image.

Storm drain stenciling and infrastructure maintenance

Stormwater stenciling was a good experience. We got a map of the drains we had to take stencil and clean. We put flyers on people’s doors to inform them about what we were doing and the benefits of it. 

Green infrastructure maintenance 

We started by driving to south Minneapolis. From there we made our way to the green infrastructure: a bike lane. The plan was to clean the area and identify plants while cleaning. We noticed that even though the green infrastructure was nice it wasn’t really taken care of.  

Northside Safety NET (Neighborhoods Empowering Teens) is an internship program for a cohort of North Minneapolis youth. The program is led by Environmental Initiative and has been developed in partnership with public, private, and nonprofit partners.