Project Clean Air Repair

Reducing vehicle emissions at no cost to residents

Cars for Neighbors recently hit a big milestone, reducing more than six tons of volatile organic compounds and nitrous oxide emissions by repairing vehicle emission systems.

Cars for Neighbors completes 100 repairs through Project CAR

Joe McKenzie and Anna Weingart of Cars for Neighbors reflect on 100 cars repaired through Project Clean Air Repair.

Our role in helping reduce air emissions

An overview of some of the air work convened by Environmental Initiative. These programs help reduce pollutants through numerous avenues, including helping small businesses secure funding to replace sources of emissions with cleaner alternatives and educating groups on air quality standards and sources of pollution.

Project CAR celebrates 100 repairs at The Lift Garage

Every car owner knows the stress of seeing the check engine light glow red on the dashboard. Suddenly, any normal day is taken over by concerns of finding a repair shop and the potential costs of an unknown repair. For…

Project CAR and Newgate School share a unique partnership

For approximately 30 young adults each year, training through Newgate School represents a path to a higher paying job and more stability for themselves and their families. Newgate School in Minneapolis offers free training to lower income students in auto body or auto…