minnesota sustainable growth coalition

More than ever before companies are driven to make meaningful, positive impacts that address complex environmental and social issues across the globe. Minnesota has a proud leadership history addressing these challenges, but we’ve reached a new tipping point – one that encourages us to bring our talents and expertise together to tackle issues from natural resource scarcity and risk to changing customer preferences.

More than 30 businesses and organizations formed the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition, a business led partnership harnessing their expertise to advance the next frontier of corporate sustainability – the circular economy

Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition members are collaborating to:

Define the circular economy

Coalition members will work together to build the vision and action steps required to achieve a fully realized circular economy.

develop projects & Initiatives

To determine projects that move Minnesota towards a circular economy, the Coalition will evaluate options through stakeholder, environmental, economic, social wellness, and life cycle lenses. To start, collaborative projects will advance clean energy, convert organic waste into valuable resources, and protect or restore the natural water cycle.

Tell Our Story

Building our brand as a place that is safe, healthy, economically vibrant, and sustainable will advance the coalition’s goals while retaining and attracting new talent to the region.

Interested in learning more? Call or contact Sam Hanson, Sustainability Director at Environmental Initiative at 612-334-3388 ext. 8111.

The Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition meets quarterly. Environmental Initiative convenes the partnership and provides staff support for the effort. 

The Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition has two co-chairs: Amy Skoczlas Cole, Managing Director, Water Initiative at American Public Media, and Greg Downing, Manager, Sustainability at Target.