Winding down 2021 with our five most-read posts

As Environmental Initiative’s communications team winds down 2021, we’ve taken some time to reflect on the past twelve months as well as revisit our measures of success (including our data and analytics). Happily, the content you found most interesting and valuable reflects our areas of work – agriculture, equity, clean air, and more.

Without further ado, here’s a roundup of the five most-read Environmental Initiative blog posts in 2021:

Environmental Initiative receives $1.6 million HSBC grant for Midwest Row Crop Collaborative

This major grant, announced in May, is accelerating the adoption of regenerative practices like cover crops, nutrient management, reduced tillage, and prairie strips on large-scale farms across the Upper Midwest. The Midwest Row Crop Collaborative is the only U.S.-based project to receive funding through the Climate Solutions Partnership, a global initiative backed by $100 million in philanthropic funding from HSBC over five years.

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What are you willing to give up? Reflections on 25 years as Executive Director

As the organization centers its work in equity and environmental health, Mike Harley asks, “As you think about the world you envision and the part you want to play in making it a reality, what are you willing to give up? How have you experienced letting go in your life and in your work? How can you build your own resiliency so that you can better let go of what is required of you to achieve your greater impact in the world?”

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C-Suite leadership on equity within sustainability

The Sustainable Growth Coalition and GREATER MSP co-hosted a C-suite roundtable, sponsored by Best Buy, to continue conversations about the relationship between racial equity and environmental sustainability. Co-authored by GREATER MSP CEO, Peter Frosch and former Sustainable Growth Coalition Managing Director, Amy Fredregill, the post captures the key questions and themes explored during the conversation with C-suite leaders in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minn.

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Project CAR celebrates 100 repairs at The Lift Garage

Every car owner knows the stress of seeing the check engine light glow red on the dashboard. Suddenly, any normal day is taken over by concerns of finding a repair shop and the potential costs of an unknown repair. For low-income Minnesotans, the high price of many vehicle repairs makes a trip to the local car garage especially worrying. We’ve collaborated with partner car repair shops, like The Lift Garage, to fund the repairs of emissions systems in cars of low-income Minnesotans through an effort called Project CAR.

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“Code Red for Humanity”: Our response

In a first of its kind joint statement from Environmental Initiative’s board of directors and staff, we shared our reactions to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate change report. The reality check many have feared is upon us—climate change is potentially irreversible. Fortunately, we are people of hope. Here’s how our collaborative approach is meeting the moment.

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Starting in January, we’ll be busy hosting our 2022 Legislative Preview event, gearing up for the 2022 Environmental Initiative Awards, working with The Nature Conservancy on a conservation in agriculture summit, and more. Who do you want to hear from? What issues to you want to learn more about? Drop us a line anytime to share your ideas with us and here’s to a happy and healthy 2022.