Northside Safety NET interns light up the room

collage of interns working on solar projects

As we wrap up our solar unit here at Northside Safety NET, we would like to share our thoughts, experiences, and personal feelings regarding our time with our solar unit. As you read further you will gain an insight into the projects our interns participated in to acquire an understanding of solar energy and how it works. Working closely with Keith and JT we were able to achieve this understanding by building mini solar houses, setting up solar panels, and going through an Understanding Solar education seminar.

During our time together we were able to build a great understanding of solar powered electricity and its importance. One way we were able to do this was by building mini solar houses. During this part of our solar unit our interns individually worked with cardboard to build model solar houses. Once the houses were complete, mini solar panels were attached to the roofing of each house. The next step the interns followed was setting up an electrical current so that power attained by solar panels could be distributed throughout the house. This was achieved by wiring together a switch to the solar panels. In addition, they added wires throughout the house to power the appliances of choosing. Some examples of appliances were lights, treadmills, fans, and electric fireplace.

Some more ways that we were able to expand our knowledge was through the Understanding Solar education seminar. JT, the owner of Go Solar Kidz, and Keith, owner of Just b Solar, were able to take the time to talk with us about the importance of solar-generated energy. During this time, he explained the structure of a solar energy construction company to the interns. He also discussed:

  • The misconceptions about solar energy.
  • The benefits of solar energy.
  • The way that solar energy is collected and used.
  • What happens when you don’t use your solar energy and have no means of storing energy.

The second part of our solar seminar included getting to know how to set up our own solar panels, which we did! Once this part of the seminar was over we used the energy we collected to power a speaker amp so we could listen to our solar-powered song.

I would like to give a special thanks to Keith, Just b Solar, and JT, Go Solar Kidz.


Micah Beasley

My experience with the solar project was cool, I learned how solar panels worked and how to put them together to get them working. We learned about alternating currents and direct currents as well as voltage. I really liked this because it was very hands on. I also was able to build my own mini solar powered gym during the mini solar powered houses segments. I had a lot of fun building a mini solar powered gym and learning about solar panels.

Paris Beasley

My experience with the solar project was fun because we got to physically put the solar panels together and we built houses. I think that way of learning was creative. I had a lot of fun learning about energy and electricity. I thought it was cool that we each built our solar houses differently, like I made a barn with animals.

Chairish Byas

My experience with the solar unit was fun. I was able to build a solar house. I got to learn that you can turn sun into energy. I learned that when you put a motor on something with a switch you can turn on and off. I made a solar house with a solar panel that powered up a fan. I had a motor that could turn on a light and connect it with a switch so it would go on and off.

Evette Eaton

My experience with the solar unit was fun! I got to build a solar house, I learned that you could harvest the sun into energy, and I was able to put a motor on my house with a switch was able to turn the power on and off. I made a solar house with a solar panel that powered up a fan and would turn on a light.

Lilliana Hood

I had a lot of fun doing the solar project. We talked about engineering and technical parts of solar power. We also put together our own solar powered houses and that was fun! I made a standard house and put a solar panel powered fan in the bedroom as well as put together and wired my own light switch.

Tsiaglias Thao

I have always found solar panels fascinating, but I have not had much time or experience to learn about them. This solar activity was interesting because I got to explore this career path and get hands-on experience. We were able to make small cardboard houses that are powered by solar. We were also able to install two solar panels and see the materials and process involved. Overall, I enjoyed it and think it is a beneficial experience.

Gregory Wheeler

My experience with the solar unit was incredibly fun and exciting. We got the opportunity to make our own solar houses. My experience overall was incredibly fun, we laughed and were able to joke around. JT and Keith were our project managers, they are the best. During our solar experience we learned how to put together solar panels. My overall experience was great.