Bettering your GHG and renewable energy reporting webinar: A Sustainable Growth Coalition case study

The Bettering Your GHG and Renewable Energy Reporting webinar hosted by the Sustainable Growth Coalition featuring case study resulting from a pilot project we facilitated with members Xcel Energy and Target Corporation. The project aimed at helping large companies working with multiple utilities more easily measure and track their energy usage and communicate transparently with their customers and investors their progress towards renewable energy and greenhouse gas related-goalsThe quantification of clean energy investments can not only help organizations bolster confidence in their operations but also capture a fuller value of increasingly green purchased electricity through their utilities.  

Because we have done a good job facilitating dialogues between utilities and utility customers to show our support for a cleaner energy mix, utilities have responded. Therefore, many of our members are headquartered or have operations in utility service territories where electricity production has lower carbon emissions, or a cleaner mix of electricity options, than the standardized measurement from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRIDsystem. Using the standardized eGRID system ultimately makes companies appear further from their carbon goals than they actually are which is why our utility and utility customer members collaborated to create and pilot robust tracking and reporting tool published by the Edison Electric Institute. We were pleased to feature members Best Buy and Xcel Energy on the webinar to share how they are using innovative methodologies to more accurately calculate their organizational carbon footprint. Also, utility customers such as SGC members advance their corporate goals in many innovative ways, which is why Xcel developed a new methodology, the Certified Renewable Percentage, which was also featured in our case study and webinar.  

A special thank you to our speakers, including Best Buy’s Daniel Katzenberger, Operational Carbon and Renewable Energy Program Manager, Xcel Energy’s Nick Martin, Manager of Energy & Environmental Policy, and Dan King, Product Strategy & Development Team Lead. Their industry expertise from both the corporate customer and utility viewpoints offered unique insights into this complex, but important subject matter as we work to advance a more resilient, circular economy that addresses climate change and changing customer preferences in an equitable manner.  

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