HASP Return on Investment project


Stearns County, Minnesota


2019 - present


Dairy and row crop farmers

Data Reports

The Headwaters Agricultural Sustainability Partnership works with owners of integrated dairy operations to collect and aggregate data on the economic and environmental impact of on-farm conservation practices.

Each of the eleven operations is a different size, utilizes different farming practices, and has exhibited different environmental benefits. The farmers also complete the Minnesota Agriculture Water Quality Certification Program, a voluntary opportunity for farmers and agricultural landowners to take the lead in implementing conservation practices to protect our water.

Return on Investment Case Studies

Eleven farmers with row crop or integrated dairy operations are participating in a multi-year project which analyzes the relationship between on-farm conservation and finances over time. Select farms are highlighted.

Mergen Farm: HASP Return on Investment

Ben Mergen shares his insights on working into incorporating conservation practices on a farm. Explore the ways he has found sustainable practices that increase his farm's productivity and profits.

Kuechle Dairy: HASP Return on Investment

The Kuechle siblings operate a third-generation dairy farm, plan to add cover crops into their rotation, and want to learn more about resources from partners and other farmers in the HASP return-on-investment program.

Blue Diamond Dairy: HASP Return on Investment

The Frericks of Blue Diamond Dairy believe everything they do is conservation minded. Explore the ways this first-generation dairy-farming family has implemented sustainable practices to increase productivity and profits.

Profitability and Environmental Outcomes from Conservation in the Sauk River Watershed