Brewing a sustainable future: Solutions for spent grain




2018 - 2020


Brewers, distillers, and farmers


Spent grain is a reusable waste product, but securing dependable, effective, and sustainable disposal is challenging. Most breweries and distilleries have a way to get rid of spent grains, but the process can be sporadic, unreliable, or expensive to implement and maintain. Brewing a Sustainable Future was developed in partnership with the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild to engage Minnesota’s robust craft brewing and distilling industries to find sustainable solutions for spent grain disposal.

Spent Grain Disposal Guide

This tool outlines the preparation of spent grains for removal and collection, tips for connecting with a farmer to ensure a reliable pick up, liability considerations, and other non-farmer diversion options. The nutritional analysis provides crucial information for the use of spent grain as animal feed and fertilizer.

Download the guide: Spent Grain Disposal Guide 2020 (PDF)

Snapshot of Minnesota Spent Grains

Learn about the craft brewing industry in Minnesota, including spent grain volumes and cost savings in our spent grains infographic (PDF).

Share your need

Owners and operators are encouraged to list their brewery or their farm in the Spent Grain Directory for spent grain exchange opportunities.