Sustainable Growth Coalition discusses circularity leadership during COVID-19, connecting virtually

When asked what word members would use to describe the Sustainable Growth Coalition at their first meeting after COVID-19 hit, members resoundingly responded with “connected.” Because we have built such a strong sense of community by sustainability leaders, over 50 members joined the Coalition’s spring Quarterly Meeting  While we had planned to be at Mortenson, they were kind enough to be our “virtual host,” and we were joined by Mortenson Chairman David Mortenson who shared inspiring insights about the organization during this time and the importance of centering climate and conservation in the work we do as business leaders to keep our region and community strong. We are thankful to have amazing sustainability leaders like Mortenson in the Coalition!

During our meeting, we officially unveiled our Circularity Guiding Principles: Incorporating Sustainability into Economic Stabilization and Recovery. As we face COVID-19 and unprecedented challenges for our businesses, employees and communities, incorporating circularity into a strong economic recovery will be beneficial to us all. These guiding principles will help us lead through resilient, regenerative, and systemic approaches for economic stabilization and recovery.

In addition to unveiling our new circularity principles, we facilitated small group discussions with our members throughout the meeting to talk about challenges, innovations, and how organizations are leading on circularity as companies shift focus and adapt to changing times. Many members touched on how they are continuing to advance circularity and sustainability goals in the short-term, with a forward-looking view on what they can do as we move beyond the pandemic. Every member is facing different circumstances and challenges right now, but the Coalition is here for our members and will continue to advance meaningful efforts around clean energy, water and materials.

Throughout the meeting, we used the Mentimeter virtual tool to get insights from our members in real time. When we asked about what the Coalition means to our members, words like empowered, collaborative, and connected were often used. The Coalition is a community, and we strive to be a value add to our members, helping foster new connections and advance our shared thought leadership around circularity.

We want to send a sincere thank you to everyone who joined us for meaningful discussion and connection at our meeting this month. Our Coalition is filled with thought leaders, innovators, and people dedicated to advancing meaningful sustainability and a strong economy that works for us all. While we are facing real challenges right now around COVID-19, it’s wonderful to know that our work doesn’t stop on sustainability and growing a strong, resilient economy that works for people, communities, and businesses.