Sustainable Growth Coalition members share sustainability story with MN House of Representatives energy committee

Sustainable Growth Coalition members are investing in innovation, clean energy, renewables, and advancing sustainability efforts that reduce our carbon footprint and move us toward a more circular economy. Coalition members are doing this for numerous reasons, driven by customer and investor preferences, to strengthen our economy, to improve equitable outcomes for communities, and to ensure that our businesses can grow, hire, lead, and stay competitive.

Understanding that collaboration among our members in both the private and public sectors is critical, the Coalition presented before the Minnesota House Energy and Climate Finance and Policy Division on Thursday, Feb. 6. I kicked off the presentation, talking about the Coalition’s leadership, goals and Clean Energy Vision. I was joined by Dr. Gayle Schueller, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, 3M; Dan Schibel, Global Sustainability Manager, Aveda; Shane Stennes, Director of Sustainability, University of Minnesota; and Nick Martin, Manager of Energy and Environmental Policy, Xcel Energy. All of them gave wonderful overviews of their organizations’ sustainability work and what drives the business case for their individual companies.

After our testimony, committee members had some great questions about the Sustainable Growth Coalition, our members’ work and what drives our businesses to lead on sustainability. The Chairwoman, Rep. Jean Wagenius, commented on how Sustainable Growth Coalition members are serving as role models for other companies and businesses on these issues.

The Sustainable Growth Coalition is supportive of policies that help us achieve our goals around clean energy, clean water and materials, and drive us toward a truly circular economy. It was wonderful to share our story and work with lawmakers, and we will continue to find ways to advance our vision and work across sectors, industries and organizations.