• Grant writing and management.
  • Agency coordination and regulatory compliance.
  • Vendor relations and partnership development.
  • Convening facilitation.

I am genuinely passionate about environmental accountability and stewardship and have long held a desire to put my professional skills to use in service of those principles. The evidence clearly demonstrates that we are facing the most critical environmental issues in human history. I believe that creating multidisciplinary teams that can pool their collective knowledge towards the common purpose of finding solutions to the climate crisis is essential; joining Environmental Initiative has allowed me to become part of finding those solutions.

Prior to joining Environmental Initiative, I spent nearly 20 years working as an Archaeologist in the Cultural Resources Management industry and most of that time was spent supporting oil and gas sector projects; this led me to make the conscientious decision to pursue a second career supporting projects meant to protect and preserve our environment, rather than supporting those which contribute to environmental decline.

My work in Clean Air Minnesota produces tangible results, and I am very much a results-oriented individual. It is important to acknowledge that we do not all breathe the same air, yet I believe most would agree that breathing clean air is basic human right. My work contributes to the goal of all communities being able to breath the same – clean – air, and that is particularly rewarding.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill