I am drawn to Environmental Initiative’s work addressing the intersections of race, equity, and the environment. This timely work requires deep connections to community and commitment to change. The value placed on Justice and Intention resonates with me because I believe you cannot have one without the other. To move in ways that are impactful, reparative, and meaningful there must be an intentional effort put forth. Justice cannot be achieved without the alignment of intentions, efforts, and a collective vision.

I have been a lifelong justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion advocate. My experience as a Black, Queer woman has shaped my connection and relationship to the environment. Witnessing and experiencing a white-led mainstream environmental organization take accountability and action on acknowledging harm and facilitating repair to deepen connections with impacted communities has given me the opportunity to experience my own form of healing from the impacts of environmental racism. I am glad to be part of this organization.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this work, it is important to be curious, do some self-work and reflection, and then reach out and establish connections. There is enough work to go around, and you can help by doing that work.