Environmental Initiative’s commitment to change, equity, and justice keeps me involved in the work we do as a board. Working with intention to build and foster relationships to achieve sustainable outcomes for all people is important to me as a board member.  

All Environmental Initiative’s core values resonate with me, but I share justice as a personal core value that I center in my work. I have been leading environmental Superfund and Brownfield cleanups and remediation throughout the U.S. for 30 years.  I’ve seen firsthand how communities of color and Indigenous, low income, and rural communities have struggled and continue to struggle with having their needs, health and safety issues, and appropriate funding addressed in their communities.   

I have been working and volunteering for many years on workforce development and economic development, being intentional about including and incorporating diverse perspectives, people, and ideas.  I believe it’s a basic human right to live in a safe and healthy environment and that is what guides my board participation and has guided me throughout my career. 

I recommend that those seeking to become involved in this work start by taking a single step. That step could be reading more about Environmental Initiative, becoming involved in one of our projects, attending an Environmental Initiative forum, or even contacting me directly. The people and stakeholders involved in Environmental Initiative and its projects are focused on building inclusive relationships, and are all approachable, dedicated, and fun.