I like the idea of reaching out in many directions and bringing together people who care about future generations and environmental impacts. I appreciate that Environmental Initiative acknowledges their impact in all communities and seeks to use their strengths to assist small and large groups. If you are interested in Environmental Initiative’s work and don’t know how to get involved, reach out.  Environmental Initiative is willing to help and form relationships with interested groups and community members.  

I became actively involved in civil and human rights after witnessing the 1967 riots in North Minneapolis, just a few blocks from my home. The impact of that experience inspired me to do whatever I can to seek equity for all humans. I became actively involved in environmental work after battling a rare cancer that is caused by chemical exposures.  

I have lived in North Minneapolis my entire life, and environmental justice is a generational civil rights issue in my North neighborhoods. Being a board member has allowed me to have input in Environmental Initiative’s strategic plan and champion the values of awareness, empathy, and inclusivity.