Initially, I started my board participation as a way to “carry the Antea Group torch forward” and demonstrate a 25+ year commitment to Environmental Initiative and its work. The value of collaboration held by Environmental Initiative as the “secret sauce” for sustainable solutions also resonated deeply with me – personally and professionally.  

Over the years, it’s been energizing and inspiring to witness the evolution of not just the board, but the whole organization. What started as exploratory work into diversity, equity, and inclusion five years ago has resulted in a transformative and bold new strategic vision – one that builds upon collaboration and centers on relationship as the new imperative.  

After an interesting 18 months, I am looking forward to reconnecting and gathering in person and finding meaningful ways to support the implementation of the strategic plan. Whether it’s internally focused work, like reimagining board culture and norms to foster greater inclusivity, or externally focused work, like finding creative and clear ways to tell Environmental Initiative’s unique story to the world – I’m here for it.