Launched environmental justice internships

Northside Safety NET is an annual environmental justice internship program for North Minneapolis residents age 16-24. The program aims to increase exposure to and interest in careers related to the environment, sustainability, and green enterprises.  


“Working with Northside Safety NET has given me a more positive outlook on life. We’ve built a great community within our cohort and can rely on each other. I really enjoy seeing how NSN brings value to the interns’ lives.”

– Clyde Quarles

photo of a young man working on a wooden canoe

“Interning through Northside Safety NET has been an interesting new experience for me. I never knew I could have an internship at my age, and it’s been great to meet new people and try new things.”

– Gregory Wheeler

young man looking through binoculars at a wildlife refuge

“Learning about air and water quality sparked my interest in making environmental justice a part of my career.”

– Micah Beasley