Implemented regenerative agriculture on a large scale

The Midwest Row Crop Collaborative explores and implements new approaches to agricultural challenges. Members of the collaborative work together to refine strategies and incubate solutions to issues facing the farmers whom we all depend on for a thriving agricultural and food system.

Shared Learning

Environmental Initiative is working with industry leaders and Midwest Row Crop Collaborative members to share what we are learning as we scale regenerative agriculture practice adoption across the Upper Midwest. Members and staff authored and contributed to the following reports.

2030 Goals

  • Ensure that 30 million acres in the Midwest will employ practices that support improved outcomes for soil health, greenhouse gases, water quality and use, biodiversity, and farmer livelihoods. At least one million of these acres will demonstrate multiple measurable regenerative outcomes.
  • Reduce net on-farm GHG emissions in the Midwest row crop supply chain by 7 million metrics tons (MT).
  • Directly support at least 30,000 Midwestern farm operations in the transition to regenerative agriculture.

Midwest Row Crop Collaborative to expand practices

HSBC Bank USA, N.A. made a $1.6 million grant to MRCC to accelerate conservation and the adoption of regenerative practices on large-scale farms in MRCC’s collaborative projects. Nature-based Solutions for Catalyzing a More Resilient U.S. Food System is the only U.S.-based project included as part of HSBC’s Climate Solutions Partnership.