Cleaned up harmful chemicals and forged new partnerships

The Clean Air Assistance Project connects small business owners with the resources and funding they need to replace equipment and reduce their emissions.   

We partnered with the Environmental Justice Coordinating Council to bring community voice and perspective to the outreach efforts for Minneapolis’ Green Cost Share program.


pounds of VOCs reduced


projects assisted


grant and private funding secured for projects

“The scent of perc is no longer lingering around the area which is a big A+! We can run the machine continuously without all the harmful toxins in the air and I believe our customers are just as excited as we are. I’m very glad we got rid of the old and in with the new. Thanks for all your help!”

– Der Vue, owner of Minnehaha Cleaning Center.

“I’ve been in the dry cleaning business for over 32 years. This was my first ever experience with any government financial help. Christina’s to the point involvement and attention to all details made it happen. That is greatly appreciated by me.”

– Vladimir Storchak, owner and operator of four professional dry cleaning and laundry service locations.

Photo of Christina Vang-Dixon

“Small business owners don’t always have the time to fill out grant or cost share applications. One of the ways Environmental Initiative helps is by assisting business owners with eligibility and grant application questions,”

Christina Vang-Dixon, CAAP Project Manager