Waste Reduction Collaborative

Completed July 2016

Environmental Initiative convened Twin Cities businesses and organizations between 2013 – 2015 to work together reduce waste. In the first major overhaul of state recycling rules in more than twenty years, Twin Cities counties are working to recycle and compost 75% of solid waste by 2030.

Through the Waste Reduction Collaborative, businesses and organizations partnered to meet these new recycling goals and address shared solid waste challenges. Three projects emerged from the effort to reduce or better manage regional waste and recycling:


Environmental Initiative is reaching out to national and regional businesses that have multiple locations, or sites, in the Twin Cities. Our staff are sharing opportunities for waste reduction and recycling by directly connecting businesses with technical and financial resources to make improvements across all their metro locations. We’re focused on engaging corporate and regional decision makers for chains, multi-site companies, and property management firms. Learn more »


Environmental Initiative worked with a small group of businesses to develop a plan for business-to-business mentorship program. The potential mentorship program will allow for peer-to-peer learning and sharing of best practices for waste reduction and recycling. Learn more »


While recycling programs can divert waste from landfills, an even bigger opportunity may exist by reducing business waste upstream. Environmental Initiative is partnered with a small group of businesses to develop an inbound waste audit process. The audit will help businesses identify unnecessary waste as it enters a facility — an important first step in order to work with suppliers to reduce and eliminate waste upstream.