Minnesota’s Clean Air Dialogue

Completed June 2013

Environmental Initiative facilitated a conversation with leaders from the business, government, and nonprofit sectors to explore new opportunities for emissions reductions, lay the groundwork for future collaboration to improve air quality in Minnesota, and respond to the threat of more stringent federal air quality standards.

Environmental Initiative convened a group of leaders from the business, government and nonprofit sectors to:

  • Identify and articulate challenges associated with potentially violating more stringent air quality standards,
  • Identify what will be necessary to address these challenges, and
  • Develop cost-effective strategies to reduce emissions.

In April 2013, Minnesota’s Clean Air Dialogue Work Group members publicly announced their recommendations to reduce emissions and keep Minnesota’s air clean. Recommended strategies include financial incentives for businesses or individuals to reduce emissions, proposals for education and outreach activities, and state support for policy changes at the local level in the form of model ordinances.

A diverse cross-section of air quality leaders continue to meet to implement recommendations from the final report.

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