Minnesota Department of Agriculture Pollinators Summit

Completed March 2016

Pollinators are an irreplaceable public resource. Insect pollinators—such as bees, butterflies, wasps, flies and beetles—are critical for the pollination and production of crops and the health of native flora and landscapes. Some are especially valued for their beauty and place in our culture, like the monarch butterfly and the honeybee.

Environmental Initiative and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) convened the full spectrum of Minnesota’s insect pollinator experts and interested stakeholders, from beekeepers to landscapers to farmers, for a day of collaboration to identify solutions that will protect and support Minnesota’s insect pollinators. The goal of this summit was to identify challenges and propose broadly-supported solutions, particularly strategies that could be implemented by state agencies in the short term.

Participants came prepared to discuss current efforts and offer specific policy and program ideas to protect and support Minnesota’s insect pollinators. This summit and its associated outcomes will better position our community and state agencies to implement strategies that will reverse the decline of our insect pollinators, both domesticated and wild.

Environmental Initiative worked on behalf of Minnesota Department of Agriculture to convene this summit. Per our contract with the State and Minnesota Statutes 13.04, Environmental Initiative will provide the names and contact information for all individuals who participated in the summit to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.