Corporate Guide to Sustainable Landscaping

Leading businesses and organizations are capturing value by turning corporate properties and potentially under-valued landscapes into productive, biologically diverse areas. Such green spaces can provide a wide array of benefits and a return on investment if done correctly and maintained over time.

Assembled by the Sustainable Growth Coalition, this guide can help your organization decide what to do with turf and other undervalued landscapes and how to execute a project successfully. Coalition members are offering their learned experiences and case studies about…

  • What to consider before starting a project.
  • Ways to transform your undervalued and underused spaces.
  • The business case for protecting our waters and wildlife.

Learn how to start a value-add project at your organization



sustainable growth coalition logoThe Sustainable Growth Coalition is a business-led, regional cross-sector partnership focused on demonstrating and accelerating a thriving, circular economy. Individually, each organization is committed to sustainability, but recognize that together they can have a larger, more transformational impact on their operations, industries, environment, and local communities.

One of the Coalition’s focus areas for regional change is on water quality. Leveraging the breadth and depth of member knowledge, the Sustainable Growth Coalition members demonstrate the business case for water protection so that Minnesota will be known for equitable and sustainable access to water, including systems that improve quality of life for everyone. As a leadership group, members recognize not all Minnesotans have the same access to clean water; this challenge risks threaten the resilience, health, and well-being of our communities. By assembling this guide, we hope to empower organizations to make changes in their operations and do their part to change the way we see and use Minnesota’s waters and support our communities.


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