Clean Air Assistance Project

Along with large and permitted industries, small businesses like printers, dry cleaners and auto body shops typically use products or processes that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Emissions from these smaller, more dispersed sources aren’t regulated like power plants or other large facilities.

VOCs contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone, a pollutant that has been linked to adverse health effects. Environmental Initiative is partnering with the City of MinneapolisMinnesota Pollution Control Agency,  Minnesota Technical Assistance Program and Ramsey/Washington Recycling and Energy to:

  • Connect businesses with the financial and technical resources available to voluntarily reduce air pollution,
  • Expand existing VOC grant programs for businesses and develop new grant programs in counties experiencing disproportionate air quality challenges and
  • Coordinate, track and measure emissions reduced from voluntary grant programs and resulting emission reduction projects.

Since 2013, Clean Air Assistance Project partners have helped reduce 30,000 pounds of VOC emissions annually. Learn more about why reducing VOCs is important and the assistance available to businesses: