Cannon River Agricultural Collaborative

What is the Cannon River Agricultural Collaborative?

The Cannon River Agricultural Collaborative is a unique group that includes public, private and nonprofit entities working together to deliver conservation services to growers and landowners within the Cannon River watershed. The Collaborative’s goal is to support water quality in the region and improve natural resources.

The Collaborative models its efforts after the unique Cedar River Watershed Partnership managed by Environmental Initiative, and is a separate entity.  

The partners in the Collaborative include Central Farm Service (CFS), Land O’ Lakes SUSTAIN, Cannon River Watershed Partnership, Dakota County SWCD, Rice County SWCD, Steele County SWCD, Cannon River 1 Watershed 1 Plan, Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program, Great River Greening, and Jennie-O. By bringing together such diverse partners, the Collaborative will offer farmers conservation expertise, cutting edge agriculture technology tools, provide trusted resources for agronomic advice, and the ability to get involved in community outreach. Plus, the Collaborative offers a centralized location for farmers’ conversation needs to help support an increase in conversation practices within the watershed.

The Collaborative connects farmers who reside within the Cannon River watershed’s six counties with resources so they can become certified through the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program.

Please visit the Cannon River Agricultural Collaborative to learn more about their work.