Agricultural Leadership Dialogue

Completed June 2013

The Agricultural Leadership Dialogue was an informal convening of leaders in the agricultural and environmental communities to discuss agricultural land management and water quality practices and interests. The goal of the dialogue was to develop a shared understanding among the diverse interest groups and identify new opportunities to address land management and water quality challenges.

Stakeholders worked in various capacities from 2010 to 2013 to identify economically viable opportunities to address agricultural water quality impacts that have the potential to gain support from the agricultural, nonprofit, and government sectors.

Some of the ideas that emerged from the process included:

  • Creation of a “One Stop Shop” where farmers and local governments could go to find information and obtain assistance for government programs that impact agriculture and conservation practices,
  • Strategies to target limited funds available for conservation at high-value, high-impact areas and sites and
  • Increased coordination between farm groups and state agencies on the state of various programs that intersect between water quality and agricultural production (Green Star FarmsMinnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification program, as examples.)

Funding for this projects was provided by the Board of Water and Soil ResourcesMinnesota Department of AgricultureMinnesota Department of Natural ResourcesMinnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center.