Ryan Whisnant

The core of my work is to makconnections. As the managing director for the Midwest Row Crop Collaborativeconnections drive everything we do, whether itidentifying new solutions for systems change, making connections between members, or generating opportunities with other practitioners and organizations to advance our work  to create lasting change for a better food and agricultural system.  

In life, I’ve learned that our connection to the natural world is the most fundamental relationship we have, and it forms the basis for how we connect with ourselves and others, and how we conduct ourselves in the world. I’ve pursued this connection for myself in different ways. I spend a lot of time outdoors. I once worked as an adventure camping tour leader at national parks across the U.S. to share the outdoor experience with others. I also spent two years in a full-time immersion program in the mountains of Washington state, where I focused on training for wilderness awareness, survival, and nature mentoring.      

I was drawn to Environmental Initiative and the Midwest Row Crop Collaborative because I was excited to work with a group of leading companies and NGOs to collaboratfor impact at scale on the food and agriculture system – a system that is locally relevant to me as a hometown Midwesternerand holds national and global significance regarding the environment, food security, and resilience.  

Equity is an important element of long-term resilience and community well-being in our food system. I’m excited to work with Environmental Initiative; it’s a forward-looking organization that has chosen to put equity at the center of its work.  

Ryan Whisnant
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Collaborative action in the Midwest is creating a more resilient food system