Ellen Gibson

Early in my career (circa 2007), I was drawn to Environmental Initiative’s collaborative approach and ability to build trust across a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds. 

Being in nature has always had a peaceful, calming effect on me. Earlier in life, I had the opportunity to work with people with disabilities and support them in experiencing the outdoors. Sharing this time helped me see how joyful and inspiring connecting with nature can be for people. Structural inequities in our community continue to perpetuate troubling disparities in access to healthy environments and in related health outcomes. I am motivated to help create systemic shifts that result in more inclusive experiences and more equitable outcomes. 

I am grateful for the close working relationships I get to build with others on staff and I love witnessing my colleagues find ways to align their skills and passions to collaborate effectively and create impactful results. 

“There is always enough time for the right work.” – adrienne maree brown – has been an important grounding and inspiring quote for me, especially in 2020. I also enjoy and am inspired by making music with friends. 

I aspire to be a lifelong learner and to continue to make meaningful connections with people who help expand my horizons, ways of understanding the world, and belief in what is possible. I hope that by demonstrating openness and curiosity, I help to inspire others to invite connection and growth into their lives as well. 

Ellen Gibson
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