Deborah Carter McCoy

As I pondered “What’s next?” during my mid-career years, I made notes, reflected on past work, and talked with friends, advocates, and strangers. In my time of discernment, a few themes emerged:

  • Purpose-driven work motivates me.
  • Creativity, change and collaboration are essential in my daily professional practice.
  • I value difference.

The application of my communication skills, strong policy and planning background, and personal values in a role at Environmental Initiative offer a professional continuation of a conversation I had with hiking companions over a beer on a remote segment of the Great Wall in China. How do we balance human needs, the health of the environment and economic strength in a global economy with heterogenous political structures? How do we balance the reality that we are wearing outdoor clothing manufactured in the very country where we sit while lamenting the air, water and soil pollution?

My professional focus lies at the intersection of the natural, built and human environments where strong connections bridge gaps. It was informed by early childhood exposure to service and civic engagement as my parents worked with others organizing, planning, and acting for equality in human rights.

I have an ability to see relationships and form a map in my head for next steps ultimately leading to an outcome. From a communications perspective, this allows me to create messaging that is not always clear to those who are deeply involved in their program areas. From a plan to a tweet, I love it all.

My legacy…tough question. I believe my legacy is (are?) all the young women and biological and add-on sons I have loved and mentored through work, family and Girl Scouting. All independent people initially guided by me in a specific role, eventually becoming sources of witness, wisdom, and our collective future for me.

“If people knew the stories of their lives, how many would elect to live them?” ~Cormac McCarthy

Deborah Carter McCoy
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