Bridget Rathsack

Growing up in a rural part of Wisconsin built my personal value of interconnectedness – understanding that protecting and helping all people and nature is core to our joint, continual ability to thrive and succeed as a community.  

While attending the University of Minnesota, I was drawn to sustainability because of a similar idea – sustainability is a balance between the three pillars of social, economic, and environmental benefits. We must drive forward all the pillars for the greatest benefit and positive impact for all. We must think about moving forward all three pillars for the good of the entire system.  

Today, as the associate director for the Sustainable Growth Coalition, I lead the Coalition as we collectively advance the principles of sustainability and circularity. Working with this group of committed, dedicated business leaders is inspiring every day I am excited to see what progress they are individually advancing and the projects that we are collectively working on. 

In my personal time, I enjoy staying active by biking, running, kayaking, interval workouts, and yoga. You can often find me visiting our parks and trails, enjoying local festivals, browsing museums, or grabbing food or drinks with family and friends.

Bridget Rathsack
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