Bridget Rathsack

“Growing up in rural Wisconsin has given me strong values for protecting the beauty of our natural environment and for helping others in need, including my family, neighbors, and friends.”  ~ Bridget Rathsack

I was drawn to the sustainability field of study and the balance of the three important pillars – social, economic, and environmental – while I was attending the University of Minnesota. The understanding that all three pillars must be met in order to achieve sustainability resonated with me.

Today, as the program manager for the Sustainable Growth Coalition, I have the ability to make a broad impact on our world and advance sustainability and circularity with a group of committed, dedicated business leaders who are members of the Coalition.

I enjoy biking, running, kayaking, interval workouts, and yoga – to keep my mind and body healthy and centered, which has never been important than now. I kick-off my day (and get to see my neighborhood and neighbors) with a morning walk before I begin my work. It’s become a great way for me to continue building human connections.

Bridget Rathsack
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