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The Insights & Impact forum series explores interconnections between environmental justice and environmental health by highlighting diverse and unique approaches. Each forum offers opportunities for collaboration between community, business, government, and non-profit representatives.

  • Gain knowledge about innovative initiatives that can be replicated or expanded.
  • Hear from diverse panels and regional or national leaders for new perspectives.
  • Meet new people, learn about other organizations, and make meaningful connections.
  • Get involved with Environmental Initiative through collaboration, partnership, or financial support.

Upcoming Forums

Inflation Reduction Act and Justice40

October 2023

The landmark Inflation Reduction Act, legislation to curb inflation and promote clean energy, and the Justice40 Initiative, a federal program aimed at confronting decades of underinvestment in disadvantaged communities, are reshaping policy and resource distribution. Join us for a conversation with experts on the impact of the programs and how the money dedicated to community development and environmental justice is being used.

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Developing exceptional learning and collaborating experiences is a value of our team. Contact Christina to learn more about our forums and call Sacha to sponsor them.


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