Welcome Jon Emerson-Kramer, Our Program Manager for Clean Air Minnesota

  • January 23, 2019
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  • Jon Emerson-Kramer

Greetings! My name is Jon Emerson-Kramer and I am thrilled to be the new Program Manager with Clean Air Minnesota here at Environmental Initiative.

I’ve had a long, circuitous route getting to Environmental Initiative. I taught pre-school, spent a period of time teaching English in South Korea, worked in food distribution at Second Harvest Heartland and most recently, I’ve been managing relationships and grant-funded programs for St. Paul Public Schools. I am excited to be working for Environmental Initiative because of the value that they place on relationship-building as the basis for meaningful change. Throughout my career, the most rewarding work I’ve done has been within this relational lens and I’m excited to be able to bring my experience to Environmental Initiative.

I am energized by environmental work because of my love for the outdoors. A lot of my vacations are spent camping, hiking or mountain biking. Because my hobbies involve the amazing natural resources that Minnesota has to offer, I’m motivated to do work at Environmental Initiative that will contribute to future generations enjoying the same resources that we have access to now.

My lightbulb moment with environmental work came in college when I took a course called Humans and the Environment. It became clear that there are ways that we can decrease our impact while also providing opportunities to increase quality of life and develop a vibrant economy. My interest has only deepened because many of my hobbies involve time spent outdoors. As an avid mountain biker, I want to make sure that the areas I’m riding in are minimally impacted so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

I live with my wife and two cats in Minneapolis. When I’m not working, I’m probably on a bicycle. My passion is track racing and you can find me on the boards at the Velodrome in Blaine racing every Thursday night during the summer. You can connect with me at jemersonkramer@en-in.org or by phone at 612-334-3388 ext. 8109.