Welcome Amy Fredregill, Managing Director of the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition

  • April 11, 2018
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  • Amy Fredregill

Hello from the Environmental Initiative office, where I am thrilled to be sitting. My name is Amy Fredregill and as of late March, I joined the team as the new Managing Director of the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition. Environmental Initiative is the perfect home for me because through the arc of my career I have taken the approach of working collaboratively with business, industry and communities on environmental issues.


The Coalition is a relatively new program, launched about three years ago. In case you aren’t familiar with our work, I’d like to share a few words about this amazing group of leaders, our goals and how I hope to help advance us on the course we are charting together. The Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition is a group of over thirty businesses headquartered in Minnesota, including many Fortune 500 companies as well as large public institutions and non-profit partners. The mission of this powerful group of leaders is to harness their expertise to advance the next frontier of corporate sustainability, and system change in the way we view energy, water and waste.

So how do you manage that? Well, part of my role is to engage members, understand member interests and leverage member strengths toward a circular economy, where the Earth’s resources are highly valued through the use of closed-loop systems and other approaches. I am passionate about the opportunity to partner with Coalition members to do this work. Not since working towards my undergraduate degree in environmental economics have I had the opportunity to interact with so many thought leaders engaged on the concept of a circular economy, so I’m excited to see this value as central to the Coalition.

In this newly-created role, one of my goals is to build on the momentum for what is already shaping up to be a big year for the Coalition in elevating Minnesota’s sustainability leadership. I am excited to explore with our Coalition members how we can partner to find solutions to set Minnesota up for competitive growth and resilience. Furthermore, I want to work on answering the question of how Minnesota can be a starting place for good ideas that we spread to other states.


I will leverage my 20+ years of business, nonprofit and state and federal government experience to advance the work of the Coalition by leveraging and amplifying each member’s unique contribution. Most recently, I participated as a member of the Coalition in my prior role working at Xcel Energy. During that time, I focused on helping customers and communities meet their sustainability, energy and carbon goals as part of Xcel’s broader carbon reduction and customer-focused strategies. Prior to working at Xcel, I led a nonprofit, the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System, focusing on renewable energy in the Mid-Continent region, where I scaled up this relatively new organization. In prior roles, I worked on many other core Coalition and Environmental Initiative focus areas, including the Farm Bill and agricultural conservation practices, the Clean Water Act, water quality, rural development and bioenergy.


In my free time, I play the fiddle and enjoy wilderness backpacking, cross-country skiing and canoeing with my husband, Barry. I’m very much looking forward to meeting Environmental Initiative and Coalition members, partners and other stakeholders to explore how we can work together. You can reach me at afredregill@en-in.org or 612-334-3388 x 8110. I hope our paths cross soon!