Small Business Sustainability Leadership: Liberty Apartments & Townhomes

  • April 27, 2018
  • |
  • Bjorn Olson

For the life of me, I will never understand how all of these incredible projects and people don’t make headlines on a regular basis.

Perhaps it’s because of the ironic nature of sustainability’s goal: to be ordinary. Call it what you will— “the new norm,” “business as usual,” or “bending the curve”— but making sustainability mainstream is essential to maximizing impact in our daily lives and activities. Which is why we’re celebrating the work of the folks over at Liberty Apartments & Townhomes.


To put it simply: Liberty Apartments & Townhomes is breaking the mold for multi-residential housing. They’re doing it by integrating sustainable solar energy into the new Liberty community development in Golden Valley. By integrating solar, they’re talking the whole kit’n’caboodle— not just those solar-powered hot-dog cookers you made in sixth-grade shop class. It’s more like 55 Townhomes, 200 apartment units, and a community clubhouse and pool equipped with 1,448 Solar Panels that provide 452.93 kW of power.

In addition, this advanced design features 57 independent Solar PV systems interconnected to the local community electrical grid which will offset 5,518 metric tons of greenhouse gas emission over 25 years. The project will also provide residents less expensive electricity, net metering and a tangible contribution to a cleaner energy society— all of which they can track online or with a smartphone app!

Of course, this wouldn’t be an Environmental Initiative award-winner without the core ingredient of partnership. You want partnership? This baby has partnership. We’re talking collaboration between Intuitive Investments, Liberty Crossing Investment Partners, Steven Scott Management, Tanek Architects, Momentum Design Group, Great Western Bank, the St. Paul Port Authority, and TruNorth Solar, just to name a few.


Aside from the quantifiable metrics, the ramifications of what this project means reaches far beyond Golden Valley. First, it creates a “new normal” by integrating solar into the early development and design phase, which greatly reduces the cost and time of retrofitting later. Second, it positions solar energy as a fundamental component of multi-residential living, allowing residents to live sustainability as a default practice. Third, it sends a message to the development community: solar is possible, plausible, and practical.

So I’m looking at you, Liberty Apartments & Townhomes, when I say that when you’re ordinary, you’re extraordinary.


Our ceremony to honor Liberty Apartments & Townhomes and six additional awardees will be on May 23 where we’ll celebrate the amazing state-wide work that’s benefitting our environment, economies, and communities.

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