Collaboration is the key to drive sustainable progress, further and faster

  • August 25, 2020
  • |
  • Emilio Tenuta

The Sustainable Growth Coalition is proud to have Ecolab as a member. Ecolab partners with us in our work to advance a thriving, circular economy and lend their expertise to our Water Strategy, Materials Strategy, Circularity Task Force, and Fleet Teams. We are proud to feature this blog from Emilio Tenuta, Senior Vice President of Corporate Sustainability at Ecolab, highlighting their company’s leadership with their 2030 Impact Goals, as well as their partnership within the Coalition. Through systems change and collaboration, we can move further and faster together.

We achieve more when we aim high. And we achieve more when we work together. These beliefs underscore why Ecolab partners with our customers to tackle critical, complex problems from dramatically reducing carbon emissions to providing access to clean drinking water to improving public health for communities around the world. And Ecolab’s collaboration with the Sustainable Growth Coalition is part of our collective efforts  to advance meaningful solutions and drive the business case for corporate sustainability and a more resilient, circular economy.

With numerous unique or systemic challenges rising to our attention, 2020 has highlighted the urgency of finding new ways to work together to solve issues. As we enter this new decade, projections show that in just ten years, there will be an additional 1 billion people on Earth, putting strains on our already limited natural resources. We must continue find ways to operate where sustainability and economic benefits align, helping organizations do more with less.

That’s why Ecolab recently announced our 2030 Impact Goals, which focus on the positive change we can drive in partnership with our customers and communities and in our own operations. By 2030 we will help Ecolab’s customers:

  • Conserve 300 billion gallons of water annually, equivalent to the annual drinking water needs of 1 billion people
  • Become carbon neutral by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 4.5 million metric tons, helping to prevent 7.3 million pollution-related illnesses
  • Provide high-quality and safe food for 1.8 billion people, helping to prevent 11 million foodborne illnesses annually
  • Clean 50 billion hands and provide safe medical care for 116 million people each year, helping to avoid 1.7 million infections annually

And within our own organization, Ecolab will:

  • Achieve a positive water impact by restoring water withdrawal and protecting at-risk watersheds where we operate
  • Halve carbon emissions and pursue renewable energy, a target verified by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)
  • Advance our diversity and inclusion practices with a focus on gender and racial/ethnic equity and representation
  • Continue to train and educate all associates to work safely

These sustainability goals see us taking on a broader range of challenges than ever before. As we face a pandemic, it reinforces the need to cut infections and ensure access to quality medical care. Protecting and collaborating with our customers in their communities, especially communities that are traditionally underserved, to ensure access to clean drinking water, a safe food supply, and clean air is vital. Innovation and big-picture thinking around the water-energy nexus, equity, the connection between pollution and public health, and more will help us pursue sustainable approaches that benefit our region and world.

Through our membership with the Sustainable Growth Coalition,  we are collaborating together to  address global and local challenges, advancing solutions while making our companies, organizations and region more competitive. It is more important than ever for us to come together to leverage our power and influence for good.

Ecolab will continue to lead to make our world a better place, serve our customers, and invest in the well-being of people, communities, customers and our employees, and our 2030 Impact Goals and partnership with the Coalition will help us get there, one year at a time.

Interested in joining the Sustainable Growth Coalition? Learn more about membership here » or reach out to Amy Fredregill, Managing Director.